Amigurumi Princess Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Designer : Alexandra Lévano
Instagram: tina_amigurumis

Hello everyone who loves amigurumi…
Today I shared the amigurumi princess doll crochet pattern for you. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial of this pattern and you will complete it without any difficulty. Thanks to the creator for this cute pattern.

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MR- Magic ring
sc- single crochet
sl-st-slip stitch
hdc- half double crochet
dc-double crochet
inc- increase
dec- decrease
BLO = back loop only
FLO = front loop only
() x n – repeat the parenthesis n number of times

Cotton or wool yarn of your choice in colors: a skin-friendly color, light blue, pastel light blue, a little turquoise, yellow, mustard, a little white, black
Silicone filler
Crochet according to the thickness of your marker thread back
Sewing needle
8 mm safety eyes (optional)


Legs (make 2)
With pastel light blue
Rnd 1. MR 6sc (6)
Rnd 2. 6 inc (12)
Rnd 3. BLO 12sc (12)
Rnd 4. 3sc, 3 dec, 3sc (9)
Change skin color
Rnd 5. BLO 9sc (9)
Rnd 6-12. 9sc (9)

The leg ends here, we leave a small thread that we will hide later
We knit the 2nd leg in the same way as the first, this time we do not cut the thread and continue knitting 2 sc or what is needed to reach the inside, 3 ch and we continue with the skin color.
Rnd 13. 9 sc in 1st leg, 3 sc in ch, 9 sc in 2nd leg, 3 sc in ch (24)
Rnd 14-16. 24sc (24)
Rnd 17. 3sc, 1 dec (6sc, 1 dec)*2, 3sc (21)

Rnd 18. 21sc (21)
Rnd 19. (5sc, 1 dec)*3 (18)
Change to light blue
Rnd 20. BLO 18sc (18)
Rnd 21-22. 18sc (18)
Change skin color
Rnd 23. BLO 2sc, 1 dec, (4sc, 1dec)*2, 2sc (15)
Rnd 24. (3sc, 1 dec)*3 (12)
Leave a tail long enough to sew at the height of row 2 of the head
For this moment, I recommend that you do not stuff the body yet

As well as the legs, you will make 2 pieces that you will later join to form the pants.
With light blue
ch 12 join the first ch with a sl st
Rnd 1. 12sc (12)
Rnd 2. (3sc, 1 inc)*3 (15 )
Row 3. 2sc, 1 dec, (4sc, 1 inc)*2, 2sc (18)
Row 4. 2sc, 1 dec, (4sc, 1 dec)*2, 2sc (15)

Row 5. (3sc, 1 dec)*3 (12)
Rnd 6-8. 12sc (12)
We do the second step and join with sc to the first step
Row 9. 12 sc in the 1st leg, 12 sc in the 2nd leg (24)
Row 10. 24sc (24)
This is when we will introduce the body to the pantolón, so at that moment it should not have stuffing, if it is difficult for you, you can help with some pliers or tweezers
We continue weaving
Rnd 11. 3sc, 1 dec, (6sc, 1 dec)*2, 3sc (21)
Rnd 12. 21sc (21)
We close with a slst and leave a small thread that you will hide more with a needle

Waist trim
With pastel light blue
We make 2 strips
11ch, 10 sl-st later
Sew between the bottom of the pants and the waist

With skin color
Row 1. MR 6sc (6)
Row 2. 6 inc (12)
Row 3. (1sc, 1 inc)*6 (18)
Row 4. 1sc, 1 inc (2sc, 1 inc)*5, 1sc (24)
Row 5. (3sc, 1 inc)*6 (30)
Row 6. 2sc, 1 inc (4sc, 1 inc)*5, 2sc (36)
Row 7. (5sc, 1 inc)*6 ( 42)
Rnd 8. 3sc, 1 inc (6sc, 1 inc)*5, 3sc (48)
Rnd 9. (7sc, 1 inc)*6 (54)
Rnd 10-18. 54sc (54)

Place safety eyes on round 11 with 9sc apart
Round 19. (7sc, 1 dec)*6 (48)
Round 20. 3sc, 1 dec (6sc, 1 dec)*5, 3sc (42 )
Rnd 21. (5sc, 1 dec)*6 (36)
Rnd 22. 2sc, 1 dec (4sc, 1 dec)*5, 2sc (30)
Rnd 23. (3sc, 1 dec)*6 (24)
Rnd 24. 1sc, 1 dec (2sc, 1 dec)*5, 1sc (18)
Row 25. (1sc, 1 dec)*6 (12)
Row 27. 6 dec (6)
Leave a not too long thread to close, then hide the thread

With skin color
Rnd 1. MR 6sc (6)
Rnd 2-8. 6sc (6)
Sew them between rows 22 and 23

Top Dress
On the exposed FLO in round 20 and round 23 you have 18 sl st respectively

Shoulder Ornament
Ch 7, sc 6, sew around the arms, joining at the top.


Doll Princess Jasmine Amigurumi Recipes Free PDF

With black
Row 1. MR 6 sc (6)
Row 2. 6 inc (12)
Row 3. (1sc, 1 inc)*6 (18)
Row 4. 1sc, 1 inc (2sc, 1 inc)*5, 1sc (24)
Rnd 5. (3sc, 1 inc)*6 (30)
We start with the hair strands.

In this case, we are going to use FLO and BLO to make the wig strands
. Ch 31, 30 hdc
You leave a stitch without knitting and in the next sl st
We start with BLO to finish in FLO
Sew in the head, positioning from the middle upwards. Leave 6 locks that will give the characteristic jasmine look
Sew the other locks strategically to form the ponytail, secure with light blue thread

With turquoise
Ch 29, 1sc st, 1sc, 24 hdc, 1sc, 1 sl st
Sew this piece behind the strands we left earlier

Bandanna ornament
With mustard yellow color
MR 4 sc with turquoise make a French knot in the middle. Sew or glue to tiara

Embroider the eyeliner with white With
black, it simulates an outline
Embroider the eyebrows with black
Glue gold pearls or make a French knot to simulate the earrings
Embroider a necklace with mustard yellow, contouring only the part that we consider her neck, you can help with a drop of silicone
Put a little blush or pink eyeshadow to give a touch of warmth.

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