Amigurumi Unicorn Crochet Free Pattern

Designer: Yelena Kuznetsova

Hello everyone who loves amigurumi…
Today I shared the amigurumi unicorn crochet pattern for you. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial of this pattern and you will complete it without any difficulty. Thanks to the creator for this cute pattern.

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Necessary materials
• Yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby (Himalaya Dolphin Baby) 100g / 120m 1 skein of the main color and a little contrast on the nose and hooves
• eyes 18mm
• synthetic winterizer
• glue moment crystal
• needle
• hook 4 and number 3 for the mane
• children’s novelty yarn for mane braids in several colors
• yarn jeans white a little for the horn
• thick cardboard for insoles (optional)

MR: Magic ring
Ch: Chain
Sc: Single crochet
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease
Hdc: Half double crochet

The crochet unicorn toy measures approximately 29 cm in standing position, excluding the horn, and approximately 22 cm in sitting position.
All parts of the unicorn are crocheted separately, then joined together.
The pattern is ideal for beginners.


Hind legs
Hoof color.
1. 6 sc in MR
2. (inc)*6=12
4. (1sc, inc)*6=18
5. (2sc,inc)*6=24
6-7. 24sc
Change the thread color. An insole can be inserted into the hooves.

8-9. 24sc
10. (2sc,dec)*6=18
11-17. 18sc
18. (dec,7sc)*2=16
19. 16sc
20. (dec,6sc)*=14
21. 14sc
Stuff the hooves tightly. The rest of the leg is loose.
22. Fold over and crochet for both sides together 7sc.

Front legs
Hoof color.
1. in MR 6 sc
2. ( inc)*6=12
3. (1sc ,inc)*6=18
4. (8sc,inc)*2=20
5-6. 20sc
Changing the thread.
7-8. 20sc
9. (3sc,dec)*4=16
10-14. 16sc
15. (6sc,dec)*2=14
16-18. 14sc
19. (5sc,dec)*2=12
20. 12sc
21. Fold in half and crochet for both sides together 6 sc.

1. in MR 6 sc
2. 6sc
3. (1sc,inc)*3=9
4. 9sc
5. (2sc,inc)*3=12
6-7. 12sc
8. (dec)*6=6
9. Fold the two sides together, crochet through 3sc.

White color.
1. in MR 6 sc
2. 6sc
4. 8sc
5. (3sc,inc)*2=10
6. (4sc,inc)*2=12
7. (5sc,inc)*2=14
8. (6sc,inc)*2=16
9. (7sc,inc)*2=18
10. 18sc
11. (8sc,inc)*2=20
12-16. 20 sc wrap the horn with a contrasting thread.

1. in MR 6 sc
2. ( inc)*6=12
3. ( inc)*12=24
4. (3sc, inc)*6=30
5. (4sc,inc)*6=36
6-11. 36sc
12. 1sc, dec, 30sc, dec, 1sc=34
13. 1sc,dec,28sc, dec, 1sc=32

14. 13sc,(dec)*3,13sc=29
15. 13sc,dec,14sc=28
16. 28sc
17. 1sc,dec, 22sc,dec,1sc=26
18. 5sc,dec,12sc dec,5sc=24
19. 5sc,dec,10sc,dec,5sc=22
20. 22sc
21-23. 6 hdc,10sc,6 hdc=22

Nose and hoof color.
1. in MR 6 sc
2. (inc)*6=12
3. ( inc)*12=24
4. (3sc,inc)*6=30
5-7. 30
Change thread to body color.
8. 30sc
9. (4sc,inc)*6=36

10-15. 36sc
16. 14sc,( inc,1sc)*4,14=40
17-21. 40sc
22. (8sc,dec)*4=36
Loops pull off.

I crochet from a children’s novelty in 2 rows, crochet number 3 chains from ch to the length you like, so that the chain can be folded in half and sewn to the head at the center. Same with the tail.
Sew ears to the head. Sew the head onto the body. The front legs are sewn back from the top 4-5 rows. Sew the hind legs to the height you like, try on so that the unicorn can walk, leaning on them.
Sew on the mane with starts of 3-4 chains (the more chains you sew, the more magnificent the mane and tail will be)

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